Pathology Services

  • If you have a practice with many dermatological patients and your reference lab gives you useless, incomplete results, or your pathologist is of no help solving a complicated case...
  • If you have doubts about results from a skin biopsy and would like a second opinion...
  • If you want a quick response from your reference lab...

Then St. Joseph Dermatopathology is who you need!

St. Joseph Dermatopathology, founded in 1990, is an independent lab dedicated to the science of Dermatopathology. We provide microscopic evaluation and diagnosis of skin, hair and nail tissue exclusively. Our goal is to provide the best service possible, the service that you expect.


Our board certified doctors will:

  • Provide an accurate, detailed and reliable diagnosis
  • Provide the diagnosis within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of specimen at our lab
  • Be available to discuss each individual case with the referring physician

Services provided:

  • Pathological tissue exam (biopsy)
  • Outside slide consultation (second opinion)
  • Group I and Group II special stains
  • Immunocytochemical stains
  • Direct and indirect immunofluorescence